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germany flag SHOT OF LOVE,  Hobo Press

    Published by Peter Hoffmann, Hobo Press in Munich, this booklet presents the lyrics of the 1981 album.
    The back shows a reproduction of the singleThe Groom's Still Witing At The Altar, but the lyrics of the song are not included. There are two versions of the binding: one is stapled, the other is spiralbound. Regular copies don't have the 'with compliments from Hobo Press Munich' at the back. Instead they carry a curious number: 11.5 in red at the stapled one and 45.1 in black at the spiralbound copy. Looks like it was done with a hand-numerator.
    Both have 15 sheets of paper, many only printed on one side, but not all so that would make 30 pages. The stapled one has the songs in the correct order, the other one mixed up Lenny Bruce and Watered-down Love.

    Thank you to Hans Bosch for the image and information.

shot of love hobo pressFront, stapled

shot of love hobo press backBack, stapled, "with compliments from Hobo Press, Munich, W-Germany" shot of love hobo pressalternate binding


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