Bob Dylan attended Grade 2-12 at Hibbing High School.

 Hibbing High School 1950's post card.


  One might wonder why a high school yearbook from Hibbing, Minnesota, would be named the Hematite. Well, it turns out that Hibbing sits right on the Mesabi Iron Range, a vast deposit of iron ore of which hematite is the principally-occurring form. In 1963, Dylan memorialized the region in his song "North Country Blues" (from The Times They Are a-Changin') which laments the hard times due to mines shutting down. It is also mentioned in a Springsteen song "Youngstown" (from Ghost of Tom Joad). (entertainment.ha.com)

bob dylan hematite hibbing high school yearbook 1957  1957 front cover 

1957 inner pages 


bob dylan hematite hibbing high school yearbook 1958 1958 front cover

1958 inner page      detail

1958 first page     detail
Bob Dylan signed this yearbook for his junior year right on the title page and wrote: "Dear Don,/ We had fun this year in English, huh? I'll probably see you this summer tho, Luck Bob Z". Of course, the "Bob Z" is short for his birth name of Robert Zimmerman.

bob dylan hematite hibbing high school yearbook 1958 letter to branda Other signed and inscribed copy of the 1958 Hibbing High School Hematite yearbook in blue ballpoint pen. Bob Dylan has written to a fellow classmate: "Dear Brenda, Well I didn't see you too much this year but you know that went (sic) on in Study Hall was jus' kidding. I hope you and Jerry have all the happiness or is it LeRoy?? See yuh around this summer. A Friend, Bob Zimmerman". Dylan, known then by his birth name, Bob Zimmerman, graduated the following year.


bob dylan hematite hibbing high school yearbook 1959 1959 front cover      1959 detail

 "We'll Remember Always..." Robert Zimmerman wrote: "To join Little Richard"

 1959 Senior Year School Yearbook, inscribed with a note: 'Bob Z. to his high school friend Pat'.