The Letraset catalogue was entitled "Some new faces from Letraset 1981-82". It is A4 size, 20 pages, The cover shows the faces of musicians and composers and the title is a pun on the word "faces", which is often used as a shorthand form of "typefaces". Dylan is one of the faces.
  The second image below shows the relevant inside page, which Dylan shares with Igor Stravinsky. He represents the Corinthian Light typeface, while Dylan is linked to Corinthian Medium. Corinthian Bold was attributed to Benjamin Britten and the Corinthian Extra Bold typeface to Gustav Mahler Though the catalogue, copyright date "1981", was produced in England and the main content is in English, the "Introduction" on the inside front page is in three Scandinavian languages - Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.
  With the Nobel Prize award, it is interesting to see the company that Dylan was seen as keeping even 35 years before.
  Thank you to Ian Woodward for the scans and information.  

bob dylan letraset catalogue