A5 sized spiral-bound tour itineraries, printed in the USA; they include tour dates, venue information, hotel and travel arrangements for both band and crew, and more. Card cover and clear plastic protective sheets front and back. Most of the time, Bob required his name not to be printed on the cover in order to protect his security.


tour itineraries July 1986 bob dylan The “True Confessions Tour” itinerary includes performances from June 8 to July 6, 1986, when Bob Dylan and Tom Petty appeared in San Diego, Costa Mesa, Dallas, Chicago, Washington, D.C., New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, and more: 30 cities in all. 49 pages, A5

tour itineraries July 1988 bob dylan   tour itineraries July 1988 bob dylan   tour itineraries July 1988 bob dylan 1988 USA, 65 pages [0619]

tour itineraries 1992 Australia bob dylan Cesar Diaz personal Bob Dylan Itinerary from the 1992 Australia New Zealand Tour. Cesar has his own hand written lyrics in the book.

tour itineraries bob dylan    tour itineraries 1987 europe bob dylan 1987 European Tour

tour itineraries 1990 summer bob dylan

tour itineraries 1993 bob dylan

tour itineraries 1995 bob dylan 

tour itineraries 1997 bob dylan

tour itineraries 1997 summer bob dylan DiFranco Tour Itinerary, A5, includes tour dates, venues, hotel & travel arrangements plus amusing cartoons, annotated in places with the pages originally folded by a bored member of the production office.

tour itineraries winter 1997 bob dylan 26 pages

tour itineraries 1997 fall bob dylan

tour itineraries1998 (1)  bob dylan    tour itineraries 1998 (2) bob dylan  

tour itineraries summer 1999 #1 bob dylan 70 pages       tour itineraries 1999 #2 bob dylan part 2

tour itineraries winter 1999 bob dylan 1999 Tour Book Band Crew Itinerary dates with Brian Setzer

tour itineraries spring 2000 bob dylan 35 pages

tour itineraries summer 2000 bob dylan 65 pages

tour itineraries summer 2000 phil lesh bob dylan   tour itineraries summer 2000 phil lesh bob dylan   tour itineraries summer 2000 phil lesh bob dylan Phil Lesh & Friends

tour itineraries europe 2000 bob dylan 38 pages

 tour itineraries 2001 bob dylan Japan / Australia 2001. "48-page A5 sized spiral-bound tour itinerary book for the 23rd February - 1st April Japan & Australia 2001 tour. Includes tour dates, venue information, hotel & travel arrangements for both band & crew and more, complete with the original front cover and front & back clear protective cover." (eBay seller)

tour itineraries august 2001 bob dylan

tour itineraries 2003 bob dylan 51 pages

tour itineraries 2004 usa bob dylan US 2004; This 45 page book includes: tour dates from Oct. 13 thru Nov. 21, 2004, venues in WI, IN, OH, PA, MI, NY, RI, NH, MA, IL, IA, MO, KS, CO, and CA., contact information for management, accountants, travel agencies, sound, trucking/lights, transportation (buses), freight, & catering (it does NOT contain band contact information for obvious reasons). Each venue (1 per page) contains before/after show travel information, hotel(s) information, venue information, promoter information, & key times (ex: soundcheck, band onstage times, etc.). Gig days are on white paper and days off are on gray paper.
Booklet measures approx. 6" x 8 1/2"