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BOB DYLAN TRADING CARDS (and some stickers)
   Very popular among children since the1960's, the trading cards are now quite expensive and sought after by collectors. They were manufactured by Panini, the refenence in trading cards, but also by various commercial firms which wanted to fidelize their customers with series of cards in various domains (sports, cinema, music...).
   Of course the image of Bob Dylan was often used through the years on these cards and stickers.
   Many of the early items presented here come from David Halpen's Trading Cards album. They are noted below as (David Halpen's). Visit his great webpage and enjoy the slide show.

bob dylan 1960s spain trading card 1960's, Spain. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan 1964 l'age d'or des idoles trading card (1)   bob dylan 1964 corvisart epinal trading card (2)    bob dylan 1966 milliat freres (3)
bob dylan 1964 l'amienoise biscotte trading card (4)    bob dylan samo chips small (5)    bob dylan 1966 samo chips large (6)
bob dylan 1966-67 publistar-postcard (7)  The same image was used in several series, mostly in France: L'Age D'Or des Idoles 1964 (1), Corvisart Epinal 1966 (2), Milliat Frères 1966 (3), L'Amiénoise Biscottes 1966 (4),
Samo Chips Publistar 1966-1967 -small (5) -large (6), and Publistar Postcard 1966-1967 (7). (David Halpen's)

bob dylan monty gum beat groups 1 trading card (1)   bob dylan monty gum beat groups 2 trading card (2)   Monty Gum 'Beat Group', 1966. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan 1966 cartolina trading card 1966 Cartolina. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan 1966-68 popbilder trading card 1966-1968 Swedish Popbilder. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan 1967 personality poster trading card 1967 Personality Poster Card. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan 1969 heinherle star parade trading card 1969 Heinerle Star Parade. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan 1969 lyon maid trading card    bob dylan lyons maid back trading card UK, 1970. Lyons Maid Pop Star series, #32 (front and back).

bob dylan 1970 hitschler gum wrapper 1970 Hitschler gum wrapper. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan 1970 hitschler 2 1970 Hitschler gum wrapper. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan 1971 schlager star parade 1971 Schlager 'Star Parade' #102. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan 1972 monty gum hit parade 1972 Monty Gum 'Hit Parade'. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan 1972 panini cantanti 1972 Panini 'Cantanti'. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan israel seventies trading card   bob dylan israel seventies trading card set Israel, 1972, 'World Pop And Film' set, 6.7 x 9.2 cm (2.5 x 3.6 inches).

bob dylan italy panini trading card Italy, 1973, Panini 'VIP' #154

bob dylan 1974 kras gum Zvijezde Mikrofona 1974 Kras Gum Zvijezde Mikrofona. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan panini france seventies trading card France, 1974, Panini Sticker #97, 'Hit Collection'. The text on the back is in French; there is also a version in German for exportation. 13,5 cm x 9,5 cm

bob dylan 1974 dandy serie P Holland, 1974 'Dandy serie P' #31. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan 1974 monty gum stars 1974 Monty Gum 'Stars'. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan 1974 panini picture pop 1974 Panini, 'Picture Pop'. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan 1975 dzuboks pop parada 1975 Džuboks 'Pop Parada'. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan panini pop stars 7 trading card 1975, Panini 'Pop Stars' #7, 'Pop Stars'

bob dylan monty gum hobby green card    bob dylan monty gum hobby orange card    bob dylan monty gum hobby yellow card 1975, Monty Gum 'Hobby'. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan dutch swedish trading card 1975 Suede/Holland 'Popbilder' gum card, 7 cm x 4,5 cm

bob dylan tintin trading card France, 1975, Tintin, 'Popcard', 14 cm x 10,5 cm

bob dylan 1975 disco jean sticker 1975 Disco Jean sticker. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan 1976 joepie sticker 1976 Joepie sticker. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan spain 1978 trading card Spain, 1978, 'Fabulosos', 3/4" x 2 1/2"

bob dylan bob dylan pop fsetival spain front   bob dylan pop fsetival spain back Spain 1980, Pop festival #169 (front and back)

bob dylan pop festval venezuela Venezuela 1980, Pop festival #169

bob dylan spain 1980s trading card Spain, 1982. 'Show de Estrellas', 2 1/8" x 3". The back is numbered with text in Spanish.

bob dylan spain 1984 super excito Spain, 1984 'Super Excito'. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan 1984 super musical 1984, 'Super Musical'. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan 1985, Italy, Tutto 'Musica e Spettacolo' 1985, Italy, Tutto 'Musica e Spettacolo'. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan sticker 1987 italy Italy, 1987, sticker, 2 1/4" x 3 1/4". The back is numbered, and has the name of the artist and copyright information.

bob dylan and Tom Petty 1987 panini set 1987, Panini 4-card set 'Bob Dylan and Tom Petty'. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan smash hits panini 1987, Panini 'Smash Hits'. (David Halpen's)

bob dylan playing cards board game canada Canada 1990's, from a Board Game.

bob dylan playing cards board game canada 1990's, from a Hasbros game.

bob dylan playing card from a set of 8 Pop-cards by Peter Pollmann 1993, from a set of 8 Pop-cards by Peter Pollmann 

bob dylan germany 1997 trading card    bob dylan germany 1997 back trading card Germany 1997; approximately 2 9/16" x 3 15/16". The back features five trivia questions along with a choice of answers, with the correct answers in boldface script.

bob dylan 1998 Grammy Awards trading cards grolier USA, The 1998 Grammy Awards Grolier trading card, showing Bob and Jakob Dylan. About 4 x 6 cm, only available through mail order subscription.

bob dylan trading card the mann 2016 philadelphia concert front    bob dylan trading card the mann 2016 philadelphia concert back back
USA, given away at the concert in Philadelphia, 13 July 2016 Thank you to Peter Koehler for the scans.

bob dylan playing cards raro magazine Italy, #17, from the Raro! magazine

bob dylan playing cards #4, Rock Street! series #4, Rock Street! series

bob dylan playing cards holland     Made in Holland, no information.

bob dylan trading cards puzzle   bob dylan trading cards puzzle Set of 20 trading cards, each one showing a Bob Dylan concert poster; could also be on the 'Jigsaw Puzzles' page, as the back of the cards, when correctly assembled, shows a Bob Dylan photography. 

bob dylan playing card drawing no information  

bob dylan playing card with leaves no information