A4, by Ian Woodward; was begun in December 1980 as SOME NOTES ON DYLAN (4 issues only) and initially circulated privately.
   When THE TELEGRAPH started in November 1981, THE WICKED MESSENGER was included as loose-leaf inserts until November 1985 (# 1 to # 238), then as the main part of the ROLLING TELEGRAPH SUPPLEMENT until November 1988 (# 239 to # 429).
   For a period, there was parallel publication of THE WICKED MESSENGER in LOOK BACK.
   Since December 1988, THE WICKED MESSENGER has been an integral part of
ISIS magazine (from # 430). The last issue was No. 2271, which is dated in January 2009.
   THE WICKED MESSENGER ran for just over 28 years, which is slightly more than 80 issues a year on average or a little over 3 issues every two weeks!  (Information Ian Woodward).

   In 1982, the first 30 issues of THE WICKED MESSENGER were (re-)published by Hobo Press as FREQUENTLY BOB DYLAN - VOLUME 1 OF THE COLLECTED WICKED MESSENGERS.

   The very first issue was published in December 1980; the first issues were called 'SOME NOTES ON DYLAN', it became 'THE WICKED MESSENGER' after four issues.

   Below are some representative issues:

the wicked messenger bob Dylan newsletter
1st issue, December 1980
the wicked messenger 23 bob Dylan newsletter
#23, 21 June 1981
the wicked messenger 73 bob Dylan newsletter
#73, 10 October 1982
the wicked messenger 106 bob Dylan newsletter
#106, 10 July 1983
the wicked messenger 136 bob Dylan newsletter
#136, 11 March 1984
the wicked messenger 174 bob Dylan newsletter
#174, 1st January 1985
the wicked messenger 238 bob Dylan newsletter
#238, 27 November 1985 (last issue as a loose-leaf)

the telegraph index bob Dylan Fanzine
Index. The index is a guide to issues 1-10 of THE TELEGRAPH and 1-86 of THE WICKED MESSENGER. It was supposed to be published every 10 issue but this was the only one.


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