Editor Ian Woodward, A5 format. Information on Dylan concerts, books, records and more...
Ran for 5 issues: August 1980 (Pilot Issue, 50 copies), June 1981, April 1982, January 1984, and October 1985.

   Ian Woodward remembers how he created the fanzine:

   "The idea started in 1979, in part prompted by other music fanzines. Even though there was abundant British interest in Dylan, there had never been a Bob Dylan magazine in Britain, to the best of my knowledge at the time. That struck me as a strange omission. Responses at a Dylan convention indicated that there might be a certain level of support for such a magazine but would it be sufficient? To test the waters, a "Pilot Issue" was published in 1980 - 50 copies at A4-size. In the event, it was well enough received to carry on.
   The "Pilot Issue" was originally intended to be a one-off but there was a demand for further copies. To keep printing and postage costs down, it was reprinted at A5-size - a format continued in subsequent issues. In the event, the "Pilot Issue" of OCCASIONALLY generated so much correspondence, that, later the same year, I began SOME NOTES ON DYLAN (which quickly became THE WICKED MESSENGER) simply to avoid having to repeat the same snippets of news, gossip and rumour over and over again, in my responses to the letters I had received.
OCCASIONALLY was never available on subscription. Anyone interested in a future issue was asked to send a stamped, self-addressed envelope (or the equivalent for overseas readers) in order to get details of the next issue, whenever it was ready. Later, OCCASIONALLY also became available in Britain and Germany through arrangements set up by others to provide Dylan-related books and similar items.
   Five issues were published, the last in October 1985. Material was being gathered and prepared for a sixth issue but, by then, THE WICKED MESSENGER was taking up so much time that continuing with both was becoming increasingly difficult. And, anyway, there were now other Dylan magazines available. THE WICKED MESSENGER continued; OCCASIONALLY did not."

occasionally 1 Dylan Fanzine
1st issue (Pilot Issue) August 1980, originally published
as a limited edition A4 size,
then reprinted in A5
occasionally 2 Dylan Fanzine
#2, June 1981

occasionally 3 Dylan Fanzine
#3, April 1982

occasionally 4 Dylan Fanzine
ordering form for #4
occasionally 4 Dylan Fanzine
#4, January 1984
occasionally 5 Dylan Fanzine
# 5, October 1985


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