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ANN ARBOR, 22 April 1962
University Of Michigan Folk Festival

Orchestra Hall, Chicago
The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where the festival took place.
Bob Dylan performed on April 22 1962 in the Union Ballroom.

Below: handbill for the Festival (with Dylan noted 'Dillon')

U of M Folk Festival 1962 handbill

   Below: In an ad for the hootenanny, the MICHIGAN DAILY mistakenly presented Bob Dylan as 'Bob Dillon'.
A correction was later published: “The Michigan Daily would like to point out that the folk singer who played at the Michigan Union on April 22 bears the surname of a well-known poet, not that of a well-known marshall. The Daily wishes to apologize for this unfortunate error.” Marshall Matt Dillon was the hero of Gunsmoke, a famous American radio and television Western drama series (on radio 1952-1961, television 1955-1975).

U of M Folk Festival 1962 handbill


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