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BADEN-BADEN, Germany, 23 April 2018,
Festspielhaus Baden-Baden

Festspielhaus Baden-Baden
The Festspielhaus Baden-Baden is Germany's largest opera and concert house, with a 2,500 seat capacity.
    The building was originally built in 1904 as Baden-Baden central railway station. This building replaced the original railway station which was constructed in 1845 as a part of branchline which connecting Baden-Baden station in the western outskirt and the city center. The building served as a railway station for several decades
until the closure of the branchline in 1977.
    The new construction was architecturally integrated with the former Baden-Baden railway station,
and was opened on 18 April 1998.

     The programme below was especially issued for the 23 April 2018 concert in Baden-Baden; 15 pages, German language, 20,5 cm x 15 cm. Thank you to Wil Gielen for the scan and information.

Put your pointer on the image to see the front/back:

Bob Dylan baden-baden 2018 programme

                          This is the setlist of the concert:

                                  Things Have Changed

                                  Don't Think Twice, It's All Right

                                  Highway 61 Revisited

                                  Simple Twist of Fate

                                  Duquesne Whistle

                                  Melancholy Mood (Frank Sinatra cover)

                                  Honest With Me

                                  Tryin' to Get to Heaven

                                  Come Rain or Come Shine (Harold Arlen cover)

                                  Pay in Blood

                                  Tangled Up in Blue

                                  Early Roman Kings

                                  Desolation Row

                                  Love Sick

                                  Autumn Leaves (Yves Montand cover)

                                  Thunder on the Mountain

                                  Soon After Midnight

                                  Long and Wasted Years


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