Without editor's name, this newsletter, probably from the U.S.A., seems to consist of just some A4 sheets stapled together, reproducing articles (photocopied), and typed News.
   The front cover mentions the "Trans-Wilbury Corporation of Bulgaria": this name was printed on the covers of the group's records:"Wilbury Record Company is a subdivision of the Trans-Wilbury Corporation of Bulgaria" (actually a Warner Bros. subsidiary).
   More information would of course be very welcome.

traveling wilburys 3 Fanzine
Vol 2, N°3, December 1993

traveling wilburys 4 Fanzine
Vol 2, N°4, March 1994

traveling wilburys 7-2 Fanzine
"Vol 7, issue 2", 1994
Found on eBay by Jürgen Wasser, this issue is quite different from the others, without title on the front cover, and handwritten mentions.

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