1964, two issues known; this could be the first Bob Dylan fanzine/newsletter ever. Produced by "Co-Presidents" Bill Holland and Mike Stevens, the club address was Chobham Gardens, Wimbledon, U.K..
    The first issue was titled "THE OFFICIAL BOB DYLAN CLUB", whilst issue 2 was called "THE OFFICIAL BOB DYLAN CLUB MAGAZINE". Both issues had 8 double-sided stapled pages, with a pale green paper cover on issue 2. The format of the two issues is not the same: #1 is 'Quarto' (8 x 10 inches), while #2 is 'Foolscap' (8 x 13 inches).

    This description comes from ISIS #198, where more information can be read about this very rare early fanzine.
    Thank you to Derek Barker for the scans.

1964 official Bob Dylan club fanzine #1
issue #1 (June 1964)
1964 official Bob Dylan club fanzine #2
issue #2


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