'A CELEBRATION OF DYLAN AS MUSE'. Edited in Brooklyn, NYC, 1990-1991(?), Parkside Productions. "No fences facing: the Journal of Dylanology is published by Nothing Was Delivered Research Foundation, 829 Greenwood Avenue, #6A, Brooklyn, New York 11218-1349. Single issue: $1.50 + two stamps, 4 issue subscription $7.00 yearly in USA, $13.00 in Europe."
   7 known issues of this fanzine, some in 1990 -the dates of publication are not noted. The price on the cover of the first issue was 15 cents US and annual subscriptions were taken. It was an erratic publication, with a small circulation.
   Photocopied pages, sometimes on white paper, sometimes on coloured paper. The pages were held together with staples. The size was US Letter paper (215.9 x 279.4mm / 8.5 x 11 inches). Front covers always carried the legend “Help End Marijuana Prohibition.”

   The title comes from a line in Mr Tambourine Man: 'And but for the sky, there are no fences facing'.

   Information: Fast Flyin' Train...    .

no fences facing 1 Dylan Fanzine #1 no fences facing 2 Dylan Fanzine #2 no fences facing 3 Dylan Fanzine #3
no fences facing 4 Dylan Fanzine
Dylan Fanzine
#4, alternate colour
no fences facing 5 Dylan Fanzine
no fences facing 6 Dylan Fanzine
no fences facing 7 Dylan Fanzine


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