'GAZETTE DU CLUB BOB DYLAN', edited by Chris Levraux from Bordeaux, A4 size, the fanzine ran in 1976 and 1977. There were an advance copy (called 'European Bob Dylan Fan Club') and three issues.
    The name 'Au Dylan Neuf' ('To the New Dylan') is a joke with the ancient French expression 'Au Gui L'An Neuf' ('Mistletoe in the New Year') that the Druids said when they were cutting the mistletoe on the first day of the year.

au dylan neuf advance copy Dylan Fanzine
October 1976, advance copy
au dylan neuf #1 Dylan Fanzine
issue # 1. The cover was a cardboard promo of DESIRE, with a hand written sticker pasted on it
au dylan neuf #2 Dylan Fanzine
#2 April 1977
au dylan neuf Dylan Fanzine
#3 1977


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