IT, (for International Times) UK
International Times (it or IT) is the name of various underground newspapers, with the original title founded in London in 1966. Editors included Hoppy, David Mairowitz, Roger Hutchinson,[1]Peter Stansill, Barry Miles, Jim Haynes and playwright Tom McGrath. Jack Moore, avant-garde writer William Levy and Mick Farren, singer of The Deviants, also edited at various periods.

it 1971 02 magazine Bob Dylan cover story  #97, 11-24 February 1971.

it 1972 03magazine Bob Dylan cover story  #125, 9-23 March 1972, 7 pages.

it 1973 magazine Bob Dylan cover story #157, 28 June-12 July 1973, 1 page.

it 1978 magazine Bob Dylan cover story August 1978, Vol 4, #10. The Dylan article is titled "A review of Zimmermania from the 1967 (sic) Albert Hall catastrophe to the weird scenes at Blackbushe concentration camp."