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    The Never Ending Tour 1994 started with eleven concerts in Japan. Two days later Dylan performed in Malaysia, his first and to date, only concert there to date. Dylan then went on to perform concerts in Singapore and Hong Kong.
    On April 5 Dylan started a twenty-five stop date of North America starting in Springfield, Illinois and coming to an end just over a month later in Memphis, Tennessee.
    Prior to continuing to tour in Europe, he returned to Japan, performing at The Great Music Experience from May 20–22. Dylan travelled to Europe in midsummer to perform seventeen concerts in Europe, his only performances there of 1994.
    Sixteen days after completing his European tour Dylan returned to the United States to perform fifteen concerts including his triumph performance at Woodstock '94.
    Dylan continued his United States Tour on October 1 in Ithaca, New York. The tour continued through the fall in the eastern United States ending on November 13 in New Orleans, Louisiana

The tickets, handbills and posters of the tour can be seen here.

NOTE: The same programme was sold during several Dylan tours: 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1997 in Japan.

Programme, 20 pages. Put your pointer on the image to see the front/back.

Never Ending Tour 1992 Bob Dylan programme


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