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1972 Tarantula
1978 An Illustrated History
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1988 Stolen Moments
1993 Arcana Editrice, Italy
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1998 Like The Night
1999+ Genesis Publications
1999 Tangled Up In Tapes
2004 Lyrics and Chronicles, Germany
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1964 The Times They Are a-Changin'
1965 Columbia Records press kit
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1971 Greatest Hits Volume II
1974 The World Of Bob Dylan
1974 Asylum/WEA
1975 The Basement Tapes
1976 Nella Tua Discoteca..., Italy
1976 Hard Rain
1978 Street Legal
1979 Slow Train Coming
1980 Saved, Spain
1981 Shot Of Love 7", Spain
1983 Infidels
1984 Real Live
1985 Biograph
1985 Empire Burlesque
1986 Knocked Out Loaded
1989 Oh Mercy
1991 The Bootleg Series Vol 1-3
1994 Bob Dylan's Volume 3, Spain
1997 Time Out Of Mind French press
1998-2000 FNAC, France
2001 "Love And Theft"
2003 May Your Song Always... Vol.3
2006 Modern Times, Germany
2006 FNAC Greece 47 CDs
2007 Dylan (3-CD compilation)
2009 Together Through Life
2010 The Original Mono Recordings & The Witmark Demos 1962-1964
2020 Rough And Rowdy Ways
2021 The Bootleg Series Vol. 16
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1975 Rolling Thunder Review
1978 World Tour
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BOB DYLAN 1987 TOUR, German promo

    The 1987 tour was promoted by Fritz Rau, whose company was based in Frankfurt, just like Ulrich Olshausen, who wrote for the Frankfurter Allgemeine newspaper and obviously also for this Internationale Zeitschrift für Musik. See more documents about that tour here.

     1987 promo press release stapled together with the article by journalist Ulrich Olshausen.

     Thank you to Peter Oudejans for the scan and Hanns-Peter Buschoff for the explanation.

dylan promo 1987



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