Mid 1960s, editor Mary Reed.
   "This is an ultra rarity, a copy of 'CRABAPPLE 6' home produced in 1966, a 90 page seminal Fanzine. I've talked to academics who have written their PhD's on the history of the fanzine and have never even seen an actual copy of this one. In 1971 its author Mary Reed (aka Mary Legg) was advertising in the underground press for a copy for her own collection with the words 'let this be a lesson to you, keep a copy of your own Fzines!' 8x10 inches, 200 x 250 mm, 90 pages of closely typed material on Dylan" (eBay seller, 2009).

This is actually rather a late 1966 Sci-Fi zine, with a limited Dylan content (Isis #192, page 35).


 crab apple bob Dylan Fanzine




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