There are hundreds of these flyers, given away in the shops to advertise a concert or several concerts in a local area. Here is a representative assortment of what exists.

When several items exist for the same event (for example the Isle of Wight Festival), everything is gathered on its Programme page.


bob dylan flyer 28 Aug 1963, The March On Washington, Washington D.C., Lincoln Memorial. The handbills were printed in several cities in the USA: this one is from Philadelphia, Pa.
Bob Dylan sang 4 songs: When The Ship Comes In, Blowin’ In The Wind, Only A Pawn In Their Game and Keep Your Eyes On The Prize (with Len Chandler and Joan Baez).

bob dylan flyer 1964, USA, Detroit, Michigan, Masonic Scottish Rite Cathedral

bob dylan flyer 1965, USA, Dylan and Baez

bob dylan flyer 1965, USA, Berkeley Community Theatre, San Francisco

bob dylan flyer 1966, USA, Norfolk, Virginia, Municipal Auditorium

bob dylan flyer 1975, USA, Boston, Music Hall

bob dylan flyer   bob dylan flyer 1978, Japan, announcement for seven Tokyo Budokan shows

bob dylan flyer 1978, Germany

bob dylan flyer 1986, Japan, two-sided handbill, announcement for two Tokyo Budokan shows on 5 and 10 March

bob dylan flyer    bob dylan flyer 1992, USA, California

bob dylan flyer 1993, Spain, Barcelona, Grec 93 Festival

bob dylan flyer 1994, Japan for 7 Feb (Yokohama, Bunka Taiikukan) and 8-9 Feb (Tokyo, Nippon Budokan Hall)

bob dylan flyer 1997, Japan, for 1997 February 9, 10 and 11 concerts (with Dave Stewart and Terry Hall) at the Tokyo International Forum, 4 pages

bob dylan flyer 1997, Japan, for two shows in Osaka on February 17 and 18

bob dylan flyer 1997, USA, West Long Branch, NJ, Boylan Auditorium

1999, USA, New Orleans, Louisiana, UNO Lakefront Arena

1999, Canada, Vancouver, General Motors Place

1999, USA, Portland, Oregon, Rose Garden

1999, USA, Detroit, Michigan, St Andrew's 431 Congress

1999, USA, Hartford, Connecticut, Meadows Music Theater

2000, Italy, Ancona, Pala Rossini

2000, USA, Irvine Meadows, Seaside Park

     2001, Japan, for shows in Tokyo/International Forum on 3 and 4 March, Yokohama on 2 March, Tokyo/Budokan Hall on 14 March, and Omiya on 25 February (front, back and alternate colour)

2001, Japan, for shows in Omiya on February 25, Yokohama on 2 March and Tokyo on 14 March

2001, Japan, for two shows in Osaka on March 6 and 7

bob dylan flyer 2001, USA, Detroit, Michigan, Cobo Arena

2002, Germany, Stuttgart, Schleyerhalle

2002, UK

2002, USA, Elmira, NY, Coach USA Center

2004, UK (Ulster), Belfast, Stormont

 2004, France, Montauban, Jardin des Plantes

bob dylan flyer 2004, USA, Fishkill, NY, Dutchess Stadium

2005, Canada, Victoria, BC, Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre

bob dylan flyer 2005, UK

bob dylan flyer 2006, USA, San Francisco, Ca.

    2009, UK

2010, Japan, Tokyo, Zepp Tokyo

    2011, UK

2012, USA, Philadelphia, Pa., Wells Fargo Center

2013, USA, Camden, NJ, Susquehanna Bank Center

2013, UK, Glasgow, Clyde Auditorium

        2014, Tokyo, Japan, Zepp DiverCity

2014, USA, Oakland, Ca, Paramount Theatre

    2016, Tokyo, Japan