NEW MORNING, newsletter in Finnish. [0919]

Private publication by Harri Huhtanen, ran from 1994 to 2001, A4 size.
Here are details by Harri Huhtanen:
"NEW MORNING was a newsletter that I started in 1994. Internet was not common in Finland then and many of my friends didn't even have a computer. I collected current Dylan information and news, printed these newsletters with my home laserprinter and sent them via ordinary mail to my friends and subscribers everywhere in Finland.
There were about 20-30 copies per issue, sent 10-15 times per year depending what was happening in the Dylan world.
By 2001 almost everyone had a good Internet connection, so I stopped writing NEW MORNING by the issue 199b. I had written Dylan news over 500 pages by then."


new morning newsletter 1 in Finnish first issue (23 April 1994)      new morning newsletter final issue in Finnish final issue (22 April 2001)

The New Morning issues were later bound together in 9 volumes:
In 1996, after the Pori concert, Harri Huhtanen got emails from people all over Finland who had read his Dylan articles in RARE magazine and wanted to joint the New Morning posting list. They didn't have the early issues and wanted them also, so he decided to collect them to books.
There were only about 10 copies of each book; they were signed and sent to the new subscribers.

new morning porin 1-30 Dylan book in Finnish issues #1 to #30, 1994-1996, 68 pages

new morning porin 1-30 Dylan book in Finnish issues #31 to #49, 1996, 58 pages

new morning porin 50 päiväkirja 1996 Dylan book in Finnish issue #50, 1996, 26 pages - PORIN PÄIVÄKIRJA 1996, special about Dylan at the Pori Jazz Festival 21 July 1996

new morning porin 51-75 Dylan book in Finnish issue #51 to 75 -except #57, 1997, 68 pages

new morning porin 57 Dylan book in Finnish issue #57, 1997, 13 pages, special Ginsberg & Dylan 1963-1997

new morning porin 76-100 Dylan book in Finnish issues #76 to #100, 1997-1998, 75 pages

new morning porin 101-122 Dylan book in Finnish issues #101 to #122, 1998-1999, 58 pages

new morning porin 123-145 Dylan book in Finnish issues #123 to #145, 1999, 69 pages

new morning porin 146-172 Dylan book in Finnish issues #146 to #172, 1999-2000, 68 pages.

Newsletters NM173-199 are not yet printed in book form, they are still only A4 leaflets, together 88 pages.