English is the third most spoken native language in the world, after Standard Chinese and Spanish. It is the most widely learned second language and is either the official language or one of the official languages in almost 60 sovereign states. English is the most commonly spoken language in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand, and it is widely spoken in some areas of the Caribbean, Africa and South Asia. It is a co-official language of the United Nations, the European Union and many other world and regional international organisations. It is the most widely spoken Germanic language, accounting for at least 70% of speakers of this Indo-European branch.
   English is spoken or understood by over 1 500 000 000 people in the world.


early Dylan barry feinstein pavillon books 1999 uk book EARLY DYLAN -PHOTOGRAPHS BY BARRY FEINSTEIN, DANIEL KRAMER AND JIM MARSHALL -FOREWORD BY ARLO GUTHRIE, UK, Pavilion Books 1999, hardcover with dustjacket, 96 pages. ISBN 1-86205-395-2.

early Dylan barry feinstein genesis publications 1999 uk book book    early Dylan barry feinstein genesis publications 1999 uk slipcase Slipcase   same, "THE LIMITED EDITION", Genesis Publication Ltd 1999, 250 copies made. Hardback with slipcase. Full black leather with images of Bob Dylan blocked in white foil on the front and back boards, and the book title blocked in white on the spine. Slipcase covered in black buckram silk-screened in white. 

early Dylan barry feinstein us book same, USA, Bullfinch Press Book 1999, hardcover, 96 pages. ISBN  0-8212-2534-0 

 early Dylan barry feinstein softcover book same, softcover, 2005. ISBN 0-8212-5756-0. 

Bob Dylan early interviews michel pomarede book EARLY INTERVIEWS, compiled by Michel Pomarède, 1990 France, 106 pages (very private publication: one copy!)

the early years Bob Dylan book EARLY YEARS (THE) (BOB DYLAN) -A MUSICAL PLAY, by Acie Cargill, Createspace Independent Publishing Platform, United States 2015, paperback, 48 pages.

eleven outlined epitaphs Bob Dylan book XI OUTLINED EPITAPHS & OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD (BOB DYLAN), Aloes Seloa, 48 pages  

Bob Dylan elliot landy book ELLIOT LANDY, text by Juliette Le Reste. Collection YellowKorner Portfolio #10, YellowKorner 2013, Paris. 40 pages

encounters with Bob Dylan humble press book ENCOUNTERS WITH BOB DYLAN -IF YOU SEE HIM, SAY HELLO, by Tracy Johnson, Humble Press 2000, 176 pages.

encounters with Bob Dylan Humble Press proof book same, Humble Press, San Francisco, paperback, March 2000. Publisher’s proof: 'Bound Galley's Publication: March 2000' printed on the cover. 176 pages

escaping on the run Bob Dylan book ESCAPING ON THE RUN (BOB DYLAN), by Aidan Day, Wanted Man 1984, 34 pages

essays on dylan hyldgaard ESSAYS ON DYLAN -THE LYRICS 1962-1966, by John Hyldgaard, Independently published (14 May 2017), 138 pages. ISBN 978-1521293775.

the essential interviews jonathan cott hardcover Bob Dylan book ESSENTIAL INTERVIEWS (THE), (BOB DYLAN), edited by Jonathan Cott, Wenner Books 2006, USA, 445 pages, hardcover. Published in the UK by Hodder & Stoughton as DYLAN ON DYLAN. ISBN: 1-932958-09-6.

the essential interviews jonathan cott softcover book same, softcover, ISBN: 1-932958-62-2

the essential interviews jonathan cott hardcover 2017 book same, Simon & Schuster 2017, hardback, 544 pages. ISBN 9781501173196.

european ballads between boccaccio and Bob Dylan book *EUROPEAN BALLADS BETWEEN BOCCACCIO AND BOB DYLAN -EUROPEAN PEOPLES THROUGH COMMON ROOTS IN FOLKLORE, by Giordano Dall'Armellina, Book Time 2013, 287 pages, includes a .mp3 CD with 81 ballads.

every grain of sand begerau Bob Dylan book EVERY GRAIN OF SAND -PERFORMANCES & TAPES with updates & upgrades May 1990 , by Ernest-Otto Begerau, private publication May 1990, paper cover 94 pages

every grain of sand begerau upgrades may 1990 Bob Dylan book EVERY GRAIN OF SAND -PERFORMANCES & TAPES -UPDATES & UPGRADES, MAY 1990; 28 pages

every grain of sand begerau upgrades may 1990 Bob Dylan book alternate colour same, alternate colour.

faces of folk music Bob Dylan book *FACES OF FOLK MUSIC (THE)  -PHOTOGRAPHS: DAVID GAHR, TEXT: ROBERT SHELTON, Citadel Press 1968, 372 pages, hardback

famous minnesotans Bob Dylan book *FAMOUS MINNESOTANS -PERSONALITIES AND CELEBRITIES BORN IN MINNESOTA, by Dan Flynn, Nodin Press 2005, 137 pages, paperback

the fiddler now upspoke volume 1 Bob Dylan book FIDDLER NOW UPSPOKE (THE) -VOLUME 1, A COLLECTION OF BOB DYLAN INTERVIEWS AND PRESS CONFERENCES, compiled by Dr Filth (aka John Baldwin), 300 pages

the fiddler now upspoke volume 2 Bob Dylan book same, VOLUME 2.

the fiddler now upspoke volume 3 Bob Dylan book same, VOLUME 3.

the fiddler now upspoke volume 4 Bob Dylan book same, VOLUME 4.

the fiddler now upspoke volume 5 Bob Dylan book same, VOLUME 5.

the five voices of Bob Dylan book FIVE VOICES OF BOB DYLAN (THE) -LISTENING TO DYLAN'S VOCAL PERFORMANCES 1960-66, by Mike Daley, Hamilton, Ontario, 2002, 295 pages. There is a big typo on the cover: the real title of the book is THE FOUR VOICES OF BOB DYLAN. Was sold over the Internet only.

flagging down the double e Bob Dylan book FLAGGING DOWN THE “DOUBLE E” -(DYLAN, WITH ALLUSIONS), by Alex Russell. Richie Roberts Publisher, NYC June 1983. Distributed in the UK by Hot Wax Archives. 24 pages.

flemish painting book      greatest hits Bob Dylan book *FLEMISH PAINTING: FROM BOSH TO RUBENS, by Jacques Lassaigne, Albert Skira publication 1958 (Genève, Switzerland), hard cover with dust jacket, 204 pages. There is also an edition with the text in French, called LA PEINTURE FLAMANDE: DE BOSH A RUBENS.
   This collection of Flemish painters with text by Jacques Lassaigne is of course not a 'Dylan book'. Nevertheless it is -at least by its cover- well known by Bob Dylan fans, as this is the book that Bob holds on the famous Jerry Schatzberg photography (1965) used for the front cover of the UK 1967 first compilation LP 'Bob Dylan Greatest Hits'. It is to be noted that the photo of the LP is reversed: it seems to show the back cover of the book, while this is actually the front, (the back cover is white).
   The picture of the front cover is a detail of 'L'Adoration Des Mages', painted by Pierre-Paul Rubens in 1624.
   For real completists only (or/and painting lovers).
Thank you to Jean-Pierre Mercier for the information about the book.

folk by Christopher Handyside Bob Dylan book *FOLK, by Christopher Handyside, Heinemann-Raintree 2005, book for children, part of the series 'A History Of American Music', 48 pages, hardcover. ISBN 978-1403481504

 same, Pearson Education 2007. ISBN 978-0431056807

folk city by petrus and cohen Bob Dylan book *FOLK CITY -NEW YORK AND THE AMERICAN FOLK MUSIC REVIVAL, by Stephen Petrus and Ronald D. Cohen, foreword by Peter Yarrow, "Folk City is lavishly illustrated with images collected for the accompanying major exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York in 2015". OUP USA 2015, hardcover, 320 pages

Bob Dylan folk genious of his generation book "FOLK" GENIUS OF HIS GENERATION (THE) (BOB DYLAN), Valex (Blackpool), UK, 12 pages

folk rock the Bob Dylan story book FOLK-ROCK: THE BOB DYLAN STORY -WITH 16 PAGES OF EXCITING PHOTOGRAPHS -"The first! The one and only", by Sy and Barbara Ribakove, Dell Publishing 1966, 124 pages.

folk rock the Bob Dylan story canadian book same, Canadian edition. The rear cover says "printed in U.S.A.", the inside page says 'Printed in Canada. It looks like the book's inside was printed in Canada and stuck inside the American cover. (information Ian Woodward)

fooled into thinking Bob Dylan book *FOOLED INTO THINKING -DYLAN, THE SIXTIES AND THE END OF THE WORLD, by Henry Sturcke, hardcover 224 pages, self-published (1 April 2017). ISBN-10: 3033061389 ISBN-13: 978-3033061385

forever young Paul Rogers Bob Dylan book FOREVER YOUNG, text by Bob Dylan, illustrations by Paul Rogers, Ginee Sio Books/Atheneum Books for Young Readers, New York 2008, 40 pages, Hardcover with dustjacket.

forever young Paul Rogers Bob Dylan book australia same, Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing/Atheneum, (Australia) October 2008

forever young photographs of Bob Dylan hardcover book FOREVER YOUNG -PHOTOGRAPHS OF BOB DYLAN, by Douglas R Gilbert & Dave Marsh, Da Capo Press 2005, hardcover, 208 pages

forever young photographs of Bob Dylan softcover book same, softcover, 160 pages.

  same, pre-publication cover (digital picture only, no real existence).

forget about today jon friedman Bob Dylan book FORGET ABOUT TODAY -BOB DYLAN'S GENIUS FOR (RE)INVENTION, SHUNNING THE NAYSAYERS, AND CREATING A PERSONAL REVOLUTION, by Jon Friedman, Perigee Trade August 2012, 240 pages, paperback

same, advance uncorrected proof

formative Dylan todd harvey book FORMATIVE DYLAN (THE) -TRANSMISSION AND STYLISTIC INFLUENCES, 1961-1963, by Todd Harvey, Scarecrow Press Inc., 2001, USA,  210 pages, HARDCOVER

four pages from renaldo and clara Bob Dylan book FOUR PAGES FROM RENALDO & CLARA, by Jos Den Hartog, 4 pages

the four voices of Bob Dylan book  FOUR VOICES OF BOB DYLAN (THE) -LISTENING TO DYLAN'S VOCAL PERFORMANCES, 1960-66, by Mike Daley, 2002, sold over the Internet only. See above: THE FIVE VOICES OF BOB DYLAN

the fox warfield experience Bob Dylan book FOX WARFIELD EXPERIENCE (THE) -DYLAN BUSY BEING BORN, 1979-1981, by John Dinnage, Black Mountain Press (California) 1983, limited edition, hardback.

freewheelin' time rotolo Bob Dylan book FREEWHEELIN' TIME (A) -A MEMOIR OF GREENWICH VILLAGE IN THE SIXTIES, by Suze Rotolo, Broadway 2008, 384 pages. Hardcover, ISBN 978-0-7679-2687-4

same, softcover, "Bound Galley Not for sale". ISBN 978-0-7679-2687-4

freewheelin' time rotolo large print 2008 Bob Dylan book same, Thorndike Press , Large Print, 2008, 517 pages, hardcover, ISBN 978-1-4104-0846-4

freewheelin' time rotolo uk Bob Dylan book same, UK, Aurum Press Ltd 2008, 371 pages, hardcover. ISBN 978-1-84513-392-4

freewheelin' time rotolo 2008 Bob Dylan book same, UK, Aurum Press Ltd 2009, 371 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-1-84513-443-3

freewheelin' time rotolo 2008 Bob Dylan book Broadway Books, New 
York 2009 same, Broadway Books, New York 2009, 370 pages, paperback. ISBN 978-0-7679-2688-1 

frequently ian woodward Bob Dylan book FREQUENTLY BOB DYLAN -VOLUME 1 OF THE COLLECTED WICKED MESSENGERS, by Ian Woodward, Hobo Press 1982. First 30 issues of The Wicked Messenger, plus a few pages of (photocopied) photos; one version was printed on white paper, another one on red paper (information Ian Woodward).

friends and other strangers Bob Dylan in other people's words book FRIENDS & OTHERS STRANGERS -BOB DYLAN IN OTHER PEOPLE'S WORDS, by Stewart Bicker, 1985, 46 pages

friends and other strangers Bob Dylan examined book FRIENDS AND OTHER STRANGERS: BOB DYLAN EXAMINED, by Harold Lepidus, Oakamoor Publishing 2017, ISBN-10: 1910773409 ISBN-13: 978-1910773406

from a hard rain to a slow train 1982 hardback Bob Dylan book FROM A HARD RAIN TO A SLOW TRAIN (BOB DYLAN), by Tim Dowley & Barry Dunnage, Midas Books 1982, first published in USA 1982 by Hippocrene Books Inc., 177 pages, hardback. This book is notable for the particularity of having two different titles, each one with the same text inside: FROM A HARD RAIN TO A SLOW TRAIN (BOB DYLAN) and STUDIES IN MODERN ENGLISH (BOB DYLAN) (below).

studies in modern english Bob Dylan book same, titled STUDIES IN MODERN ENGLISH (BOB DYLAN) on the cover, same text inside. Paperback, Omnibus Press 1983, 177 pages

from town to town Bob Dylan book FROM TOWN TO TOWN -BOB DYLAN'S 1994 CONCERTS, by Mike Wyvill & John Wraith, Wanted Man 1995, 54 pages